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The origins date back to the residents organisation JdzK-Variants (Youth Housing Complex) at Skolas Street 13, in Riga, where in 1988 Edmunds taught the local kids a dance called “Happy Mice”, choreography by Olga Freiberga (Leader of the Dance group Dzintariņš)

First original photo

And so, since 1988 Edmunds Veizāns trained a dance group of children from the local apartmnet block with about 100 children of different ages. As usually happens, of the 100 dancers, he ended up with 2 core groups – an older one and a younger one, and when in 2-3 years the older ones grew up, the younger group became the core group of the contemporary dance company.  Among those dancers were trainer Maija and trainer Raitis.  (Find them in the picture 🙂

On September 16, 1991 the E. Veizāna individual enterprise “Modern Dance Studio” specialising in rhythmics and dance classes was officially registered at the Riga Vidzeme Region State Financial Inspection.

The studio began to expand in 1996 when branches were set up in several towns: Ogre, Dobele, Ādaži, Jūrmala, Zolitūde, Baldone, Ķekava, Iļģuciems. The first branch was set up in Zaķumuiža in 1994 and was directed by dancer Linda.

Since the  2004/2005 season the dance school has its own premises by VEF!

Since 2007 we are a professional education institution Veizāna Dance School registered and licenced by the Ministry of Education. Since 2010 we are the first state ACCREDITED (recognised) dance school in Latvia.

On June 19, 2011 the first dance shool graduation was held where state diplomas for professional education in dance with  a specialisation in Hip-hop culture dance styles were presented to the first 16 students.

Among the greatest achievements we must mention participation in the World Hip-hop Championship in Bremen in 2002 when we received the honourable result of 11th/12th place together with a Polish group, among 32 competing groups in hip-hop formations for adults. In 2006 the Fashion Dance Company and the “old dancers” were finalists in the European Hip-hop Championship in the adult formation group and achieved 6th place in Europe.

We have been Latvian Hip-hop champions in children’s groupd in 2005 and 2008.  Our Juniors are 6 time Latvian champions: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. The youth group were Latvian champions in 2006 and European championship finalists, and our parent group were finalists in the 2009 European Championship. In addition, every year we have numerous solo and duet champions, boys and girls in events in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Byelorussia, and Poland.  We also have European Championship solo fianlist – Dāgs!

We have participated in Song and Dance Festivals four times in 1998,2000,2005,2010 and in the Riga 800 celebrations.

The best, the greatest, the most interesting and the most stylish young people dance at the Veizāna Dance School!  Yes! And this is possible because we always stick to what the Latvian poet Rainis said many years ago: Those who change will continue to exist!”  We change with the times and with new trends. If you are looking for good changes in your life, join us!

Mūs atbalsta